Westlake Village restaurants lunch

Westlake Village restaurants lunch

Sushi is a very popular food around the world and it is easy to find it in many places, either in restaurants or delivery services.

However, not everyone knows the different types of sushi that exist, and sometimes you may end up ordering the same old sushi for fear of making a mistake.

To avoid this problem, and to invite you to try new flavors, we bring you a brief guide with 7 types of sushi that you must try and that you will find at The Landing Grill the best sushi restaurant in Westlake Village, CA.

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What kind of sushi will you find at The Landing Grill?


Maki is one of the most popular sushi presentations. “Maki” means “roll” in Japanese, and therefore, any type of sushi made in the shape of a roll is called maki. In general, it is made with rice, raw fish, and other ingredients (such as carrot, cucumber or avocado) wrapped in nori seaweed. An original example of “maki” is the “spider roll”: battered crab, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, masago, wrapped in rice and nori.


Uramaki” is the name given to rolls where the rice is on the outside. It is usually garnished with sesame or masago on the outside, such as the California roll, which has crab, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise. All this wrapped in nori seaweed, rice and garnished with masago.


These are portions of rice that are kneaded into an oval shape and topped with a sheet of fish, usually raw. Nigiri is the most widely consumed form of sushi in the world, and should be eaten in one bite and with the fish side down. Contrary to popular belief, nigiri is eaten with the hands and not with chopsticks (although in the West we are used to eating it with chopsticks).

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The word “temaki” means “handmade”, as this cone or cone-shaped dish is rolled by hand in nori seaweed, i.e. without using a mat. It is usually filled with rice, vegetables and fish, along with a variety of other ingredients such as cream cheese, arugula, avocado or almonds.


This rice snack is easy to recognize by its triangular or cylindrical shape, wrapped with a strip of nori seaweed to help hold it in place. Onigiri is usually filled with ingredients such as salmon, ume, kombu, tarako, or a similar salty or sour-tasting ingredient.


According to the strictest definition, sashimi is not really sushi. However, in the Western world they are classified together. Sashimi seems extremely simple: it is just strips of raw fish cut into slices, which can be eaten alone or accompanied by various sauces.

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Westlake Village restaurants lunch