Key West Dive Charters

Key West Dive Charters

The Florida Keys are a fantastic place as a spot for scuba diving and fishing. It is home to several reefs and wrecks filled with diverse marine ecosystems. If you’re looking for top Key West dive charters, YKnot Charters arrange many fishing and scuba diving trips around some top diving attractions.

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys host some of the most attractive scuba diving destinations, with plenty of shipwreck sites and artificial reefs. The Vandenberg, more famously known as Vandy, is one of our closest shipwreck sites.

The Caymen Salvager is a shipwreck site that’s slightly older than the Vandy, situated about 1 mile away from it. It is one of the less damaged shipwrecks in the Florida Keys, so it is ideal if you’re looking to explore shipwrecks instead of coral reefs and marine life.

Toppinos Reef is another top diving spot, which is one of the most beautiful and has an eclectic mix of sea life. It is ideal for those looking for night diving (the site has a light to indicate its location) or shallow diving and snorkeling in the Florida Keys. As one of the top Key West dive charters, we organize trips to all these sites.

Do I need to be certified in scuba diving?

As some of the sites such as the Vandy and Toppinos Reef are located quite deep, you would need to have scuba diving certification. Certification could be from any of the leading scuba diving certification bodies- PADI, SSI, and NAUI.

Even though scuba diving certifications don’t have a validity period, most dive charters would ask you for a record of your latest dives to see if you’ve completed dives that are as deep as some of these Florida Keys diving sites. If you haven’t been in the water for quite a while, we highly recommend that you take a refresher course in scuba diving to strengthen your knowledge and skills again.

Depending on where you decide to get certified, how long it takes to get your diving certification will vary. But overall, it doesn’t take that long. Thanks to the eLearning system, you can complete your coursework in advance and then complete your certification in 3-4 days.

What does diving certification involve and what’s the cost?

You will find different rates depending on which country you decide to train in, but in the US, you can expect to pay in the range $300-$500 for a single person’s full certification. This cost should include all rental diving gear and course materials.

The certification course splits into two parts – theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, you learn about what gear you need and the physical effects of diving on the body. In the practical part, you will put your diving skills into practice in a pool or confined water.

Are you looking for great Key West Dive Charters? Give YKnot Charters a call to explore your scuba diving and fishing options in the beautiful Florida Keys!

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