Ribs Saskatoon

Ribs Saskatoon

For all meat lovers, there’s nothing that beats the love for ribs, from juicy barbecued to slow-cooked ribs. Whether you are passing by, visiting, or just moved to Saskatoon, you wouldn’t really know the taste of the best rib dishes with a smokey touch until you set a date with us at Rock Creek Tap and Grill. Our ribs menu offers some of the tastiest ribs in Saskatoon, and our chefs are armored with unbeatable culinary skills to ensure your taste buds explode with flavors out of this world. Our thrilling twist to the Canadian ribs together with the upscale setting and services are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable food experience. So, why not enjoy dinner in Saskatoon together with your friends or loved ones at our restaurant.

Finger-Licking Ribs Menu Items

At Rock Creek Tap and Grill, we are dedicated to delivering tasty ribs options served with some of the most delicious sides. Our finger-licking, succulent ribs are hard to resist, addictive, and will leave you wanting more. Here are some of our utterly mouth-watering ribs menu items that we serve at our ribs family restaurant.

  • Smoked Prime Ribs

We wouldn’t be a premier steakhouse in Saskatoon without our famous smoked prime ribs. And as the name suggests, it is one of our delicacies with a touch of cherry and hickory smoke. You’ll be thrilled to savor such exotic flavors in your meat.

To make it even better, we slow-cook the ribs for hours, ensuring they are evenly cooked. The ribs are served with your choice of potatoes, and the house signature Ceasar salad will have you coming back for more.

  • BBQ Prime Rib sandwich

As one of the best ribs restaurant in Saskatoon, our BBQ prime rib sandwich is to die for. The roast, usually cut from the seven ribs before the loin, is so tender and cooked to perfection. It is then served with crispy onion tanglers on a Ciabatta bun. The dish is also accompanied by our amazing BBQ sauce.

Words cannot completely describe the feeling while enjoying this dish made with love. The blend of flavors could make you forget your worries. Enjoy the best ribs in Saskatoon with our variety of drinks and cocktails and eat all your troubles away.

  • Smoked Baby Back Ribs

If you’ve not heard this before, the smoked baby back ribs are one of the prime dishes we are renowned for. Our meat is usually roasted to the point it falls off the bone. The technique we use creates sticky, fall off the bone ribs with the most fantastic flavor, and makes these ribs hands down a favorite meal for many.

Feed Your craving for Ribs at Our Fine Dining

Life’s too short to eat bland food, especially ribs. Why not explore our ribs menu filled with Canadian culture and dine with your family and friends in one of the top-rated ribs family restaurant. Visit Rock Creek Tap and Grill, or order online now our incredibly delicious ribs in Saskatoon on https://smooth.menu/rock-creek/menu/. We’re undoubtedly the best place to enjoy rib dishes full of flavor and made with love.

Ribs Saskatoon

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